How to Hire a Plumber

Posted by Tomily Bourgoing on March 4, 2021 in Other
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Do you have a plumbing issue? Maybe it’s a leak, a fixture needs to be replaced, or your water pressure is low. What ever the case may be, hiring a professional plumber can sometimes be a daunting task. Do you hire a handyman? Do you hire a licensed professional? Where do you look for a reputable company. In todays world there’s so many different options compared to the old days of looking through the yellow book.

When it comes to plumbing you must decide for yourself how much risk are you willing to take. Plumbing has a variety of materials and fittings and different use cases for each. You also have the issue that not all materials and brands are created equal. A plumbing leak which can be caused by inadequate work can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Plumbing fixtures that are improperly installed can be damaged or even catch on fire such as a bad gas or electric water heater installation.

Here are some tips that will help you in your search.

  • Look online- Look at your plumbers’ website. Look at their online reviews. Look for before an after pictures. If they have a good online presence, it probably means they care about their company, their image, and evidently their customers.
  • Personal Referral- Ask a neighbor or friend if they have ever used a good plumber and had a positive experience. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
  • Ask Questions- Don’t be afraid to ask them about their license and insurance information. Your plumber should have those documents readily available to simply email over to you. Ask them how long they’ve been in business or what is their specialty is.
  • Get quotes- Getting 2 or 3 quotes for bigger projects is always a good thing. For small repairs ask the plumber ahead of time what their rate is. Most plumbers will have a service call fee and an hourly rate, or simply flat rate pricing for a specific task.
  • Look for the signs- If your plumber is late to his estimate, can’t give you a general idea of pricing, or shows up unprepared these are not good signs and often times the work will speak for itself. Look for someone who has a lettered van, clean uniform, speaks with confidence and communicates clear expectations. These are good signs that the person is knowledgeable and takes pride in their work.

We at Bourgoing Plumbing, LLC work hard to keep these tips in mind. We want to be presentable, offer great quality work and customer service. We are based in Largo and service Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area. Growing our online presence and reviews by offering quality and fair pricing is our goal. Changing the bad customer experiences people have had with contractors is our mission. Even with a simple water heater or dishwasher installations our plumbing technicians will strive to educate our clients on proper maintenance. We believe every job should be a win-win scenario for us and our clients. Become one of our clients today! Visit