Water Heater Service Tip

Posted by Tomily Bourgoing on February 8, 2021 in Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of the most crucial parts of our plumbing. I mean, who likes to wash dishes or take showers with cold water? Not a lot of people we presume. When your water heater isn’t working correctly you notice.. and so does your energy bill. Your water heater amounts to nearly 17% of your energy bill, according to the Department of Energy. Did you know simply flushing out your water heater every 6 months to a year can significantly increase both the efficiency and the life span. Sediments and mineral deposit, also known as “hard water,” can cause damage to the elements in an electric water heater. In gas water heaters, this can cause uneven heating which leads to leaks and other problems. Besides flushing your water heater to remove and clear out the sediment in your tank, having an experienced plumber service your water heater by checking the elements, thermostat, and anode rod, can save you from having to replace a costly water heater down the road. Give us a call if you need help, our plumbing technicians can help perform this routine service for you.

What to do exactly

  • Turn off the power or gas and let the water temperature cool off (You can turn on the hot water faucet and let hot water run to speed this up.)
  • Find the water supply shut off valve to the house or directly to the water heater and turn it off
  • Next, get a garden hose and find the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and properly hook up the hose to it.
  • Find a safe place for the water to be drained and disposed, such as a driveway or an area in your yard that will not drain back towards the house.
  • When your tank is empty, disconnect the hose and use a shop vac if possible, to suck out the remainder of the water and sediment from the bottom of your tank.
  • Properly close the drain valve and let the tank fill back with water. have an open hot water faucet on so that any air can escape if trapped. Turn the power or gas back on and rest assured you just helped your water heater situation.