Tools of the Trade

Posted by Mary-Lynn Bourgoing on May 21, 2024 in Other

Plumbers use a variety of tools to help them in their daily tasks. Some of the most common are Hand tools: These include hammers, saws, screwdrivers, pliers, files, chisels, levels, tape measures, flashlights, caulkers, etc. This tool is a battery-powered snake that helps remove clogs in the pipes.

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Fountains Are Beautiful

Posted by Mary-Lynn Bourgoing on May 8, 2024 in Other

Fountains are a beautiful and versatile addition to any home or garden. They can add a touch of relaxation, luxury, or whimsy to your space. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a fountain: The plumbing for a fountain is generally quite simple, though the specific components you’ll need can vary depending on

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A P-Trap Has Many Functions

Posted by Mary-Lynn Bourgoing on April 13, 2024 in Other

A  p–trap is a specialized fitting that creates a powerful barrier that stops sewer gas and odor from entering your home. In 1775, the first p-trap was invented, or upright angle. It was first known as an S-Bend by Alexander Cummings. 105 years later, Thomas Crapper (no pun intended) tweaked it a bit so the

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How to Hire a Plumber

Posted by Tomily Bourgoing on March 4, 2021 in Other

Do you have a plumbing issue? Maybe it’s a leak, a fixture needs to be replaced, or your water pressure is low. What ever the case may be, hiring a professional plumber can sometimes be a daunting task. Do you hire a handyman? Do you hire a licensed professional? Where do you look for a

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