Tub and Shower

The tub and shower is where you unwind from that stressful day at work! Let us make sure it’s properly installed and fixed so that it’s not adding to the stress. Mold and mildew can easily build up if there is an issue. A leaky faucet with a continuous drip whether it be your sink or shower, can be costly and add to water waste.

Remodeling – Updating your shower or bathroom? Making sure the plumbing is updated and adequate is an important aspect of the remodel. Customers who skip this part can get to the end of the remodel and discover they have a leak or low pressure and will need to work backwards. Make sure if you already have a contractor that they have a plumbing professional and not a handyman working on the plumbing and hooking up fixtures. If you don’t already have a contractor, we can recommend one. 

Plumbing Fixtures – Plumbing fixtures are not all created equal. Many of the fixtures bought at big box stores may look nice on the outside, but they usually have plastic inner parts and fittings that usually fail prematurely. You pay for what you get. We can help you purchase and install fixtures from quality brands that will last for many years to come, as they should.